My Experience Going Nicotine Free



Recently I have made the jump to using nicotine free e-juice and I thought I would share my experience on going down to 0mg to give new vapers some insight on quitting nicotine. When I first started vaping I was using 12mg of nicotine and still had a smoking habit of slightly over half a pack of cigarettes a day. I found I had to develop a love of vaping first to be able to stop using cigarettes; I had heard that one in ten vapers will stop smoking once they begin vaping but in my personal experience it was more of a gradual process. I made an effort to carry my starter vape around with me where ever I went so I could vape when I felt the need to smoke. Eventually 12mg of nicotine became too strong for me as I had upgraded my device to a sub ohm tank and I began using 6mg. After a few months I had moved down to 3mg as I had cut out cigarettes entirely and was consciously trying to reduce my nicotine intake. I found my body took roughly two months to adjust to 3mg of nicotine at which point 3mg felt too strong and a deep inhale would cause me to cough. Around this time I had started trying out some 0mg e-juices as my main focus on vaping had shifted from delivering nicotine to getting the most flavour possible. I had noticed that even while trying out 0mg I no longer felt the need to buy a pack of cigarettes which I was concerned would happen if I stopped regularly consuming nicotine. After experimenting for a couple of more weeks I made the decision to start buying my new e-juice in 0mg and I am happy to say I have continued to use 0mg since. My advice for anyone looking to go down to 0mg or even reduce their nicotine level in general would be to experiment with different flavoured e-juice and nicotine strengths periodically to see how your body has adjusted to vaping.

How can I quit or reduce e-cig / vaping & nicotine?

@AlexAraujo Congratulations on cutting out nicotine!

I slipped up a while back and was periodically vaping 6mg, but I’m cutting back down to 3mg now and hope that I can get myself to 0mg by the end of the summer.

How did you find the period where you were transitioning from 3mg to 0mg? Did stress affect you at all?


Congrats Alex!! I remember when you got your first vape. I am so proud of you.


Thank you Melissa! I did notice that when I was stressed out I would chain vape but at that point I had given my 6mg and 12mg juices away so I wouldn’t be tempted to go back up. I was always an out of site out of mind type of person so as long as it wasn’t around I had a good chance of keeping with my progress. I hope you reach your goal of 0mg!


@AlexAraujo How about once you got down to 0mg? What was the experience like then? Did you go back and forth for a while?


This was a really nice read! Congratulations on your progress Alex. I actually have an alternate perspective to offer. I started out very low in nicotine when I first started vaping. Either 3mg or 0mg. I quickly found that it was nowhere near enough to keep me away from cigarettes at first. This is a common thing, going for too low of a nicotine strength and then finding that vaping is “not working” for you. I then went up to 6mg and eventually 12mg. 12mg was strong enough to really kill the addiction to cigarettes for me. After that was gone, I could go back down to 6mg and be satisfied with flavour but also nicotine

So, my advice to all new vapers would be to not get discouraged if you start vaping and find that it is not helping you. It is most likely that your nicotine strength is too low. Don’t be afraid to go with a higher amount, everyone is different and needs a different strength to help them get off of cigarettes


awesome post


For what it’s worth (a year after posted), I smoked for about 18 years. Near the end I was at about 3/4 pack a day. A friend (who turned me on to my latest brand of smokes) gave me his old mod, and a year later I finally decided I was sick of being the “stinky parent” at my kids school since the hoodie I was constantaly wearing during the summer smelled like a dive bar. I went and snagged a tank and found some decent 12 mg juice, and made the jump immediately. Since then (about a year ago) I’ve slowly made the move down to 2 mg. Granted I’ve started picking up off-brand knock-offs of my favorites, but the next buy is going to be some 0 mg of the brand that got me this far. The only suggestions I have for people starting to move from cigarettes to vaping is a) 12 mg to start with a sub-ohm tank and someone to teach you how to use it, and b) move down a step at a time using the juice you like best.

The tl;dr: find a friend who knows what to do, find a flavor that you like, and take it slow.


That’s great to hear you’re cutting down your nicotine! Keep it up!