My Mod won’t turn on


I just got a Smok Procolor kit a week ago and it won’t turn on, I think I know why but I don’t know how to fix it. The pin that connects to one of the batteries is flat unlike the otherone

which protrudes.


@JamesEliot Yeah, it looks like that negative pin has been pushed down. Have you had the device for long?


How were you charging it? If you were using pass through you have have fried the chip. Have you tried a different set of batteries in it?


He had it for about a week :slight_smile:


@Alissaburton My bad, can’t read apparently lol. Agreed though, may have to do with passthrough charging. I know a lot of SMOK kits have gone down because of that… Even though SMOK says that they can be charged through USB. :expressionless:


The usb cable that comes with “smok” kits is for updating the screen on the mod or so i was told by 1 of my brothers


@Kevin_Cole yes, this is true. Unfortunately SMOK also advertises on the boxes of their products that the cable can be used for charging as well (which I personally wouldn’t recommend—I’ve seen a lot of dead SMOK mods because of it).


Hey Kevin,

That’s exactly what I tell customers in store! Only use the USB cable to update the firmware on a device and a bay charger to externally charge 18650 batteries. Better to be safe than sorry.