My Smok Mag keeps randomly turning off when I hit it


My Smok mag keeps on randomly turning off


Have you dropped your mod by any chance before? If you did, in some cases the chip inside might’ve moved a bit causing this to happen. But if you haven’t, Try plugging your micro usb to your computer and see if you can reinstall the software or if there’s an update to it! Sometimes it helps! Just google up smok software upgrade


Could be a connectivity issue between your batteries and the positive/negative contacts in your device as well. If your device has been dropped or battery door is loose/damaged in any way it could be that your batteries aren’t making a good enough connection with the contacts inside your device causing it to randomly turn off/on. Also,If you have been charging your batteries through the micro USB port on your device it could be that you have damaged the electronic chip/fuse inside your device. It is always recommended to charge larger 2+ external battery devices from an external bay charger such as the nitecore I2, D2, or efest luc v4. Hope this helps!


I had this issue with mine after accidentally dropping it. Seems like the copper battery terminal got possibly flattened from the impact.
I just cut a 1’ X 5" piece of aluminum, cut it into 1/2 inch strips, folded them into squares small enough to get into the battery case and repeated it until it kept on. So far so good.
Beats spending $60 on a new mod.