My Smok Mag vape wont fire


My vape comes on the screen show the voltages go up while pushing the trigger but it dont fire when I unscrewed the tank I was using (the smok big beast) I notice that the nipple of the coil pops on and off. I’m new at vaping and freaking out like I messed ou up this new mod I got from my best friend can u please help me I do not know what to do I need a new coil I us the smok coil v-12 90-180


@Milkbone1986 have you tried replacing the coil? That might resolve the problem altogether.


Not yet waiting to get out the hospital lm had back surgery sucks no nicotine for me till my fusion heals


@Milkbone1986 Oh no! I’m really sorry to hear that! I would definitely try changing the coil out first and seeing if that fixes things. You may have unfortunately won the defect lottery.