My vape is not working correctly


My vape will turn on but every time i click the fire button it goes to my mode settings and then if i click it again it goes back to the regular screen and i tried to use the up and down buttons to change the wattage and they will not work.


Which vape do you have?


your system might be locked. try holding down both the up and the down button for about 2 seconds. If that doesn’t work, I would try resetting the device by taking out the batteries and putting them back in.


smok t-priv 220w i did both of those things multiple times still not working


Sounds like the device is malfunctioning. If you were charging your batteries internally you may have overloaded the chip in the mod. Unfortunately Smok does advertise internally charging your batteries through passthrough charging. How long ago did you buy the device? Do you know if you are still covered under warranty?