Nautilus X and PockeX coil compatibility


The Aspire Nautilus X coils (1.3ohm, 1.5ohm, 1.6ohm, 1.8ohm) are compatible with the Aspire PockeX AIO device. The Aspire PockeX coils (0.6ohm) are also compatible with the Aspire Nautilus X tank for those with a variable wattage device looking for a coil with a higher watt range to use in their Nautilus X tank.


Yes, but I wouldn’t recommend putting Nautilus X coils in the Aspire PockeX device. The Pockex is a set wattage and voltage device, so even though it’s compatible with the Nautilus X coils, it won’t be able to fire the Nautilus X coils. You would get close to no vaper/cloud production if you put a Nautilus X coils in the Pockex.

Pockex coils do fit the nautilus X, I’m currently using one in my device to run salt nix. It’s a great coil if you want to use a MTL (mouth-to-lung) tank higher than 15 watts.


Yes, of course. The 1.5ohm Nautilus X coils (14-20w) would probably be the best to use in the PockeX if you were too if say pockeX coils were sold out and one needed coils desperately. They will have a similar range to the stock pockeX 0.6ohm coils(18-23w). I am currently using the pockeX coils in my Nautilus X with 6mg.


I tried the 1.5 ohm nautilus x coil in my Pockex and it produced next to no vapour because of the preset setting. I don’t recommend using anything in the Pockex other than Pockex coils. Although the nautilus x coils do fit, they do not preform well in the Pockex.


I personally really like using the pockex coils on my nautilus x. For some reason I find that it’s long lasting and it’s amazing! Love the 1.8, but the pockex 0.6 coils works the best for the nautilus x