Need help plz


So I just got a stick prince baby and it was working great till it died so I plugged it in and it wont charge , im currently in a camper so do u think it’s Bc it doesn’t have enough power from the outlet to charge it? Plz help me out here. :frowning:


Try different USB cable and wall plug adapter, and also a different wall outlet too.


Hey, so I experience the same thing with my device. Most times it’s the adapter in the car as it isn’t producing enough watts of electricity to the cord itself. If I were you, I would buy a higher volt adapter from best buy or online and try that. Make sure your using the actual cable for the prince stick that it came with cus that makes a big difference too! I hope it works out for you, if not, feel free to bring it into any one of our stores and I’m sure we can help out further :slight_smile:
Good luck and vape on :3


Alright thank u