New Smok Mag Mod not working at all


I recently (about 3 weeks ago) purchased a Smok Mag Mod and immediately had issue with the coil in the prince tank. Without realizing, the coil was bent and released the contents of the tank all over the mod overnight. Frustrated, I took it to my local vape shop for help. They replaced the coil and cleaned it up a bit, and things seemed to run fine. Until about a week ago. I work 12 hour shifts in a location that will not allow me to bring my vaporizer into work with me, so I often leave it in my car. I left it one morning, and came out after to find the mod off. I tried turning it on but there is no indication it’s working at all. The screen just stays black. I’ve replaced the batteries with some home life batteries but still to no avail, charging doesn’t work either. I’m petrified its damage from the juice leak, ive noticed that even with the new atomizer it leaks a tiny bit. Upon going to that same helpful local shop for help I’ve learned they closed their doors not 3 days prior to this incident. I’ve sank over $100 into this mod with the juice and, honestly, I personally believe a device with its solitary function being heating water based liquid into mist should to some capacity be at least water resistant. Using the small screw driver included with the product I unscrewed the pieces i could to find quite a bit of juice residue residing in the crevices. Suffice it to say I cleaned it out. I’m quite frustrated with this issue mainly due to the atomizer arriving with a factory error like a bent pin causing this to begin with and if I can’t get this thing running again will give up on vaping. I also am under the impression that liquid damage voids the warranty. That’s too much money sank into something that isn’t working far too soon after purchase, the perfect storm. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


hello there

if i may ask: how are you charging the device? micro usb or external charger. it is always recommended to use an external charger, devices which house the batteries in a series configuration (1 up 1 down) can not be charged via micro usb port, because they are not designed to charge both cells equally. However, at least here at 180 smoke, we have a 6 month warranty for defective smok mods. I would at the very least take the batteries out, insert them into an external charger, and see if they read above 3.7 volts. unfortunately anything lower than 3.7 volts is not recommended and most likely wont be able to recharge to the safe levels (3.7-4.2 volts).

please keep me updated.