I just bought a SMOK OSUB King today and I’m having a very annoying problem. When I switch it to temp mode I can puff it once and it works fine, but then it will no longer produce vapor until I switch it to temp mode again. At that point it puffs once perfectly fine and again no longer produces vapor until I switch to temp mode again. Do I have to change mode every single time I want to puff? If so I need to go return this thing immediately


Temperature control is a setting for Nickel (Ni), Titanium (Ti) or stainless steel coils. If the coils you’re currently using is not 1 of the 3 then temperature control wouldn’t work. I would recommend switching the settings back to wattage mode. You can check which coil you’re using by checking the side of the coil. There should be a recommended range it engraved on the side of the coil.