New to Vaping or Considering Quitting Cigarettes?



Hey guys, my name is Anush and I am new to the 180 team. I just wanted to start a new discussion for those of you might be considering the switch to vaping but might be somewhat hesitant whatever the reason may be. As someone who recently quit smoking and converted to vaping I must say that the health benefits are almost immediately noticeable. It was one of the best choices I made in my life and I wanted to create a place where everyone could openly discuss their concerns and insights in order help you guys get started with the process. Please feel free to ask any questions or leave a comment about your experiences.


Hey Anush! Great to hear from you. I have worked for 180 Smoke for over 2 years and have heard a variety of feedback from customers. The most common responses I get from customers who have recently converted are increased lung capacity, better sense of smell and taste and more energy. I find sometimes people give up a little too quickly on vaping without knowing all of the options available to them. There are many variables that go into successfully quitting smoking using a vape such as vapour production, nicotine strength and flavour.