Nicotine Addiction In Youth Didn't Start With E-Cigarettes



The e-cigarette industry has often been the target of governments, in addition to the general public, because of the debatable claim that vaping is appealing to youth and getting hooked on nicotine at early ages.

However, as you can see from the video below, e-cigarettes are not the only way that kids can get their hands on nicotine products. In fact, e-cigarette retailers have been even more vigilant than ever in terms of asking younger-looking customers for ID because of the stigmas surrounding their businesses.

But e-cigarettes are not the only way that youth can get their hands on nicotine. The 11-year old shown in this video was able to buy nicotine gum without ID, and the cashier seemed to have no reluctance in selling it to a minor. Although nicotine gum is considered to be a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), it still contains a substance that is addictive and can cause harm to young people.

So why aren’t pharmacies such as these being cracked down on when it comes to children and nicotine? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


This is ridiculous! Meanwhile vaping has been targeted for getting kids hooked on nic.

I hope the authorities have seen this and acted accordingly.


My father started smoking at the age of 10 years old and after years of trying to quit unsuccessfully he finally did 40 years later. For his 50th birthday, I purchased him an e-cigarette and this was the only way he was able to quit smoking, and eventually even cut out nicotine.

For anyone wondering he smoked a pack a day for 40 years and quit using a nautilus tank, 40w eLeaf iStick and 12mg of nicotine in his favourite flavours which are Caribbean Cocktail and American Pie. Over the course of six month he was able to cut down his nicotine and began using 3mg. He now alternates between 0mg and 3mg depending on the stresses of the day.