Nicotine in Vaping v.s. Smoking: What Is The Difference?



It is very difficult to compare the amount of nicotine in traditional cigarette smoke to the amount of nicotine in e-liquid vapour, since this is an invalid comparison with no practical use.

Nicotine absorption, when smoking traditional cigarettes or vaping on e-cigarettes, depends on a variety of factors, such as strength of nicotine in the base material (cigarette or e-juice), amount of nicotine in the converted material (smoke or vapour), length of the puff, how long the smoke/vapour is held, and lastly, how efficiently your body absorbs nicotine (everyone is different).

The amount of nicotine that enters the bloodstream from vapor is said to be far less than with a traditional cigarette. One should note the difference between the amount of nicotine delivered v.s. the amount of nicotine absorbed.