Nicotine level


if I was a pack a day smoker what milligram nicotine should I use


If you’re using a direct-to-lung inhale/ sub-ohm tank I would recommend 6mg. If you’re using a mouth-to-lung inhale/standard tank then I would recommend 12mg.


Omg I don’t even know the difference lol what I bought was a V-8 baby beast starter kit which is that


That starter kit would be a direct to lung inhale/ sub-ohn tank


Thank you so much I really appreciate it I’m so confused and so that would be about the best for me to get Off cigarettes and you think the 6 mg would be good for the nicotine I’ve been watching videos and stuff but I’m still confused I just needed some direct answers and you gave them to me I bought the VA baby beast on somebody else’s recommendations and then I found out about all the other stuff that you have to know


I agree with @Elain3truong. I would start with 6mg. If its too strong you can drop down to 3mg or if you’re still really craving cigarettes after a couple weeks you can try going up to 12mg but it will be quite harsh and I don’t recommend it.


I actually went to a vape shop where they know what their doing i did start with 6 but its not quite enough this place custom mixes and he tweaked the nicotine just a bit and so far its working ive not wanted a cigarette thank you


Glad to hear! Congratulations and keep up the good work!


Thank u