Nicotine level


if I was a pack a day smoker what milligram nicotine should I use


If you’re using a direct-to-lung inhale/ sub-ohm tank I would recommend 6mg. If you’re using a mouth-to-lung inhale/standard tank then I would recommend 12mg.


Omg I don’t even know the difference lol what I bought was a V-8 baby beast starter kit which is that


That starter kit would be a direct to lung inhale/ sub-ohn tank


Thank you so much I really appreciate it I’m so confused and so that would be about the best for me to get Off cigarettes and you think the 6 mg would be good for the nicotine I’ve been watching videos and stuff but I’m still confused I just needed some direct answers and you gave them to me I bought the VA baby beast on somebody else’s recommendations and then I found out about all the other stuff that you have to know


I agree with @Elain3truong. I would start with 6mg. If its too strong you can drop down to 3mg or if you’re still really craving cigarettes after a couple weeks you can try going up to 12mg but it will be quite harsh and I don’t recommend it.


I actually went to a vape shop where they know what their doing i did start with 6 but its not quite enough this place custom mixes and he tweaked the nicotine just a bit and so far its working ive not wanted a cigarette thank you


Glad to hear! Congratulations and keep up the good work!


Thank u


What does 35 mg mean? I have been nicotine free for 3 1/2 months and needed something so I wouldn’t start back smoking so I bought the propaganda salts collection 35 mg today to use in my smok ( I was using 0 nicotine) and now I have a headache. The guy at the smoke shop said this was low dose? Help


35 is quite high. dispose of it or re-gift it to someone who is a current smoker. if you have been off nicotine successfully for 3.5 months nicotine is not something you should be consuming.


35mg of nicotine are ONLY suppose to be used in POD devices, and not large tank mods. There are smaller devices which produce much less vapor that you want more nicotine per drag because the lack of clouds being produced. The new pod systems are better than ever and mimic the draw and feel of a cigarette without all the carcinogens and chemicals found in burning cigarettes. The reason you got a headache is because you basically overdosed yourself with nicotine. Whoever sold you that without telling you how to use it wasn’t doing their job right, that can be toxic to you and harm your body. Either buy a small pod system to use higher Nic salts in (anything over 28mg is usually in nicotine salts) or try a juice at 6-12 mg for a tank mod.


35mg is pretty high. It should be nicotine salt which isn’t recommended for you device (I assume it’s not a pod system device). I would say to start with a 3mg that way you still have some sort of nicotine to satisfy your cravings. If it’s not enough, a 6. But definitely start low.