Making my Dad’s on ejuice and need to know what nicotine I should buy for him. He was a heavy smoker. I bought 50/ 50 and 24 mg. I dont know if its right.? Thank you


What deceive does he have? How many cigarettes does he smoke per day?
You can also refer this page for more information:


He doesn’t smoke now, however he does vapewild and at 24mg. That’s what he buys when he buy ejuice from a shop. I bought nicotine with 50/50base and the nicotine is 125mls or 24mg. So do I just add the flavoring and that’s All? Thank you very much! Also can I buy nicotine without base?


If you add flavorings to 24mg nicotine you are diluting the nicotine and it will be less than 24mg. I am nervous because you said the nicotine is 125mls or 24mg - I hope you mean a 125ml bottle of 24mg. If you mean 125mg/ml please be careful.