Pg and vg needed in cambodia



I am interested in making my own juice as I live in Cambodia and the availabilty of quality vape juice is limited. I am trying to find information on buying pre made ‘base’ juice and concentrates for flavoring. Any information and tips from experienced vapers is appreciated.
This is my first post and first vape community so please forgive me if I categorized this incorrectly.
Thank you!


@DarrenO I’m not super familiar with the availability of ingredients in Cambodia, but you can sometimes find VG in drug stores. PG might be a bit more difficult to find.

If you were looking for a pre-mixed solution, you might have luck searching for it online. Flavourings are available online as well. I’d recommend choosing a few recipes posted by others that sound good to you, and then getting the flavourings required for that (I tried mixing flavours that sounded good from scratch when I started making my own liquid, and that didn’t turn out so well).


Thanks Melissa!
I actually found pg and vg a couple of countries over in Malaysia. The nicotine has to be ordered in from China though. This could end up being a fun little learning experience.:blush:


@DarrenO That’s great news! So once you have those items secured, all you need is some flavourings and a few good recipes. is my favourite resource for this. You can check out other users’ ratings of recipes, it gives you all of the ratios of each product, and once you have flavourings it even tells you which other flavours you can make with what you have.

Happy juice making!


Cheers for the link.:blush:


No worries! I’d love to see what you come up with!