Possible NYS Flavor Ban


E-liquid flavors are under attack! They have already been banned from vapers in San Francisco. Which city is next?!? It seemed like the FDA was being open about it. It seemed like Scott Gottlieb cared and wanted to hear vapers’ stories, but now there may be a flavor ban in New York?? The open-mindedness didn’t seem to last very long.
There is what seems to be a war on vaping here in the states regardless of how much good it has done for former smokers. No one is taking into account how many lungs are regenerating at this very moment because adults are vaping. Most people want good flavors, not flavors that remind them of cigarettes. That is why everyone loves coming into 180 Smoke Vape Store Buffalo; because 1.) it smells wonderful inside our store and 2.) we have so many flavors (even our tobacco flavors are great and nothing like that horrible cigarette smell your boyfriend and/or girlfriend stopped kissing you over. Vapers generally do not want to go back to smoking, but without these flavor options who knows what will happen in the future.