Are there any B&M vape shops in Canada that offer to be a drop-off centre for burned coils? Any offer e-liquid in bulk so that I can re-use my juice bottles? Don’t get me wrong: I think we have a good thing here, but why can’t we be the innovators in our communities?

Many (most?) tank coils are encased in stainless steel enclosures. The “coil” itself has some stainless steel content (including hand wound coils for RBA’s). That stainless steel can be reused up to 99%. Coils are a consumable and replaced on a regular basis. Where is all this stainless steel going? I suspect much of it is going to landfill: who’s going to bother collecting all those bits and waiting until you have enough to make it worth someone’s bother?

How much plastic are we recycling or sending to landfill?

Why talk about recycling if we don’t talk about reduce, reuse or re-purpose?


great post. would be lovely to see something like this. hopefully 180 smoke will follow suit


I guess I’ve answered (part of) my question. I spoke with a gentleman from Millenium Recycling: they are the only recycler in Waterloo Region that I found recycles stainless steel. If the coils were stripped completely they would be worth 40 cents per pound. But the coils I use (Aspire Cleito) are press fit with cotton inside and I can’t get them apart to get the cotton out, these coils are considered “dirty steel” and are only worth 9 cents per pound. And you have to have a minimum 200 pounds to get paid for them. Who’s going to collect and deliver coils for $18? As much as I’m all for recycling everything we can this is a tall order. How do we overcome this?