Review: Wicking with Rayon



I’ve always wicked my builds with cotton and never questioned it. It hadn’t even crossed my mind that you could wick your vape with other materials, even though I knew about older-styled silica wick tanks… That was then, cotton is now.

However, a few weeks ago, my eyes were opened to the possibilities. Apparently a coworker of mine had just heard about using rayon fibres to wick a vape, and he was desperate to get his hands on some. He ended up picking some up (relatively inexpensively) from a beauty supply store.

At this point, I was curious as well. I did some research myself and saw that vapers everywhere were raving about this new discovery. I had to try it myself to see what all the fuss was about. So here is my review of wicking with rayon.


I guess I assumed that rayon would be very similar to cotton. After all, it looked pretty similar. It came in long strands, but for the most part, it was white, fluffy and looked decently absorbent. But once I touched it, I could immediately tell the difference. It’s hard to describe, but the rayon felt softer and more synthetic as I rolled it between my fingers. It didn’t respond in the same way that cotton does, and well, that’s because it’s not cotton.


The process of wicking was extremely easy and no different than wicking with cotton. And fluffing the stuff was a breeze. It naturally wants to be fluffy and I was extremely excited about how much juice could fit into those wicks. I was preparing for the ultimate flavour sensation.


I primed the cotton and let it sit for a bit before the first anticipated hit. I was expecting some sort of taste explosion, but I was surprised when a strange flavour hit my tongue. It wasn’t quite like that freshly-wicked cotton taste, it was something similar but more foreign. I convinced myself that the weird rayon flavour would be gone after a few hits. And it did. The flavour I got from my vape after that was incredible. The juice tasted clean and the vapour that came out of my vape was incredible for a 0.4 ohm single coil at 45 watts. This lasted a couple of days.

I’m now at day three. At this point, the flavour has dimmed down quite a bit. It’s not giving me burnt or dry hits like cotton does, but it’s just a dampened flavour. I’ve also noticed that the draw has become a bit tighter as well, even though I haven’t adjusted my airflow and have made sure that the rayon wasn’t impeding the airflow internally.

Overall, it just seems like something has changed within that time. For some people, this might be normal. I know people who wick with cotton and change out their wicks every day or two. I, however, am not one of those people. Normally a wick will last me about a week before I start to notice any differences.

Is It Worth It?

In my personal opinion, no it isn’t. I’m not one for rewicking all the time and don’t have a lot of problems with dry hits, so Japanese organic cotton suites me just fine. Of course, anything to do with vaping comes down to personal preference, depending on what style of vaping you enjoy and what experience is most important to you. If you are already used to rewicking often and want to experience a different sort of flavour from your build, rayon might be something to try.

Have you tried wicking with rayon, or are you interested? Let me know below!