Salt nix


So salt nicotine is something new we carry and a product i have been using for some time prior to us selling it.

I personally enjoy it because nowadays im strictly a mouth to lung vaper, and the absorption rate compared to regular nicotine is second to none.

who salt nix is for**** vapers who smoke heavy but find 12 and 18mg is too harsh, salt nix being a 20mg and 40mg sounds insane but it is really nothing like a traditional free base nicotine.

who salt nix isn’t for
People who use high powered direct to lung sub ohm tanks, or anyone who is down to a low nicotine content. It specifically states using salt nix in above ohm tanks between 7-12 watts. I recommend this for the cloud maker series, nautilus 2 and nautilus x.

Hope this sheds some light on the topic! And sorry if this post was a little janky this is my first time adding info.