Sensitivity To The Smell Of Vaporized E-liquid?



Has anyone ever experienced a negative reaction to the smell of vaporized e-liquid? I’ve heard so many people say that vapour smells nice and sweet, but my girlfriend hates the smell, especially when for dessert flavours.

Has anyone else experienced or heard of this? Just wondering if this is a phenomenon here.


i have had some customers come in my shop saying the smell is very strong, and overpowering, but funny enough, once they are in the store for a bit, they say that they get used to it. it could be because they have never been in an environment such as a vape shop, where there are people vaping indoors with no outside ventilation. this is why air purifiers are a must if you want the cloud to dissipate quickly, and reduce the smell.


Yes, that’s what I was thinking too. But I’m also wondering whether a sensitivity to PG would present itself in this way too?


@ThatGirlMelissa I have the same issue as your girlfriend! Dessert and custard smells make me feel nauseous. To be honest though, I think its a taste preference thing. As a vaper, I know I only like to vape sweet and fruity flavours. I experimented when I first started vaping with all sorts of different flavours and determined custards and deserts certainly weren’t for me.


It turns out she’s sensitive to all flavours… I tried fruity flavours for a bit, and now she can’t even handle that. So I stick to Crystal Clear when she’s around.

For reference, she also hates any sweet or artificial-smelling candles. I had an awesome marshmallow candy cane candle from Christmas, and it literally made her gag.


Yeah, I definitely think there’s a scent sensitivity there then if candles bother her too! Thats thoughtful of you to use flavourless liquid when she’s around.


My brother and mother have the same issue when I am exhaling and they sniff the vapor, no matter the flavor or Nic strength it always bothers them. Yet, my brother vapes a lot more than I do so whenever he vapes and exhales the vapor he has no issues…might just be a preference for some people such as my brother.