Should I Use E-Liquid With Nicotine?



WARNING: Nicotine is a highly addictive substance. While nicotine is not a carcinogen, if you are not a smoker, please DO NOT TRY NICOTINE. Do not leave nicotine containing e liquid in the reach of children, pets or others who are not aware of its potential risk risk for them.

If you are currently a cigarette smoker and wish to try e-cigarettes, the information below is based on various anecdotes from our friends and customers. We suggest you start with lowest possible nicotine strength, or preferably with nicotine-free options. However, many former smokers have been successful in switching to vaping using mild to moderate levels of nicotine e-liquid (this can ease symptoms of nicotine withdrawal).

We quote the strength of the e-liquid in as a percentage per solution. An e liquid bottle containing 6 mg/ml of nicotine is represented as 0.6% by volume. You can dilute the nicotine strength, or flavour of any e-liquid by putting drops of distilled water, pure vegetable glycerin, or propylene glycol.

Choose your nicotine strength cautiously; lower is always safer.

0mg a.k.a. ‘No Nicotine’

There is no nicotine in 0 mg e-liquid. Many people who enjoy the acts of holding and smoking cigarettes also enjoy e-cigarettes with 0mg e-liquid.

1.5mg a.k.a. ‘Very Light Nicotine’

This level of nicotine is generally used by experienced vapers who use powerful device that produce huge clouds of vapour. It is not recommended for beginners using a standard e-cigarette as it is very light and will barely give any throat hit to someone used to tobacco smoking. 1.5mg is preferred by people using sub-ohm clearomizers, since they produce a huge amount of vapour in a single puff, where higher levels of nicotine can feel too harsh.

3 mg, a.k.a. ‘Light Level’

This is one of the lightest nicotine strengths generally found in commercially available e-liquid. It is often used by those who want just a hint of nicotine in normal e-cigarettes. It feels soft on the throat, which is generally desirable for those who are not heavy smokers. It is also commonly used by shisha, hookah and nargile and ultra-light smokers.

6 mg, a.k.a. ‘Medium’ or ‘Mild Level’

This is typically for those who smoke “light” cigarettes or are casual smokers. If you are a current smoker not sure about which strength to pick, this may be the right level to “test the waters” with.

12mg, a.k.a. ‘High/Strong Level’

Most heavy smokers find this nicotine strength very comforting in their initial days. They often find that it delivers enough nicotine to ease their cravings and gives a noticeable, but not overly harsh, throat hit.

18mg, a.k.a. ‘Very High/Very Strong Level’

This is one of the highest commercially available nicotine strength, and more caution is required when choosing this strength. We advise customers to not try this, however we understand that it is a matter of personal preference and we will let you decide for yourself.

Be alert for symptoms of nicotine overdose. Avoid nicotine overdose by picking a sensible nicotine level for you and listening to your body. Keep puffs minimal. Some common symptoms include headache, nausea, and dizziness. If you experience any of these symptoms, discontinue use of all nicotine products and speak to your doctor immediately.

Do not take too many puffs in one session, especially with nicotine. Change your coils often and keep your tank clean.

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