Show & Tell: Show us your build!



Here’s your chance to show your beautiful creations off to the world! Post a photo of your current build below and give your vape some well-deserved selfie praise!


Here’s what I’m currently working with. I will admit that I didn’t personally build these coils… (I’m a sham, I know.) But I did watch them get built! Nice flavour on them too.


I stick with fused clapton’s because I find they last long, provide great flavor, and are relatively easy to make. I respect the skill required for more intricate builds, but I think for me the time investment would far outweigh the extra payoff. Maybe someday I take a crack at Alien’s but I’m happy with these for now.

I do play around with gauges though, and spend a lot of time installing everything evenly and symmetrical. I aim for ‘medical grade’ as much as possible.

Here’s some dual fused clapton’s, 5 wraps of 2 x 26g wrapped in 36g, firing at .138.


Build I did for a customer in a Mini Royal Hunter by COV: dual coil, fused claptons, 5 wraps of 2 x 26g wrapped in 32g. Believe it fired at .125ohm.


Beautiful :heart_eyes:


Installed some SS coils for a buddy: dual 6 wraps at 3mm of 2 x 26 + 36. Firing at .109 on a VGOD Pro Drip.


Think I’m getting the hang of this …


My latest build on the Signos style RDA.


A glam shot of the alien wire installed in my Tsunami