Singles or Packs?


This has been an ongoing problem since our store opened almost a year ago. Customers will come in and ask to buy a single coil or Juul pod and promptly leave when we explain that we don’t sell singles. Now, I have gotten better at getting people to change their minds by reasoning with them that they will need another coil after this one burns out and wouldn’t it just be easier to pay once and not have to buy coils for a few months?

I have also heard that a lot of coils and Juul pods bought in this fashion often are defective and that you might not even be buying the genuine article. On top of that, most stores that do this upcharge their customers. I would definitely rather just spend the money and get the pack than risk buying a faulty product that may ruin my device. At least when you come into our store, you know you are getting the real deal.

What do you think? Should they be sold in singles? We receive them in nice packs with the brand clearly listed so you know you are getting what you pay for and we won’t charge you more than the other vape stores.

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We gotta face that some people don’t have the disposable income to purchase a full pack. I find a lot of folk don’t really vape and buy just more or less to try it out

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True, and if we did sell singles we would know we weren’t selling an inferior product to our customers.


Agree. I can understand the concept on selling packs and singles. Maybe if they had the two option it’ll be great. Personally I buy packs as I don’t like making multiple trips and usually packs are at a greater value. But it completely depends on each person and what they want.

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Great point, stores always raise the price for a single so you would save more money in the long run just buying a pack. I understand that people may not have the money to always buy a pack, but if it’s coils then you know already whether you like those coils. If we are talking about pods, then there is now a tester for Juno so you can try all of their flavors here at our store, but not for JUUL or Myle. JUUL has been causing too many problems (you may have noticed that they have been removed from our website temporarily?), but hopefully since they are backing off with their marketing etc. and will potentially only be sold in vape stores now, then we can prevent underage teenagers from getting them.


@alessandra.perrin being that we are on the other side (canada) the juul flavor ban isn’t taken part here (yet) but i agree we should have the option to sell single coils and pods. did u hear about the mylee? apparently they are stopping all production and sales in the us for the time being


No, I didn’t hear about the Myle! I know a lot of them are taking preemptive action even though the FDA hasn’t put any law into effect yet. I am already directing customers towards alternatives.


@alessandra.perrin truly heartbreaking . .


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