Smok mag kit leaking


I have a question. I have a smok mag kit, and since I’ve gotten it, I’ve had issues with leakage. When I first filled it, half the tank dumped out the air holes twice. Changed the coil, checked all of the seals, and it worked fine for 3 days before the coil started tasting burnt. That was a 6 hole coil.

Changed the coil again (4 holes, the spare that came with it), and had half the tank leak again. I was told to close off the airflow when filling it. Did some digging online, and realized I wasn’t drawing on it hard enough, so that “fixed” my burnt coil issue. Today at work it kept leaking into the air tube in the middle, so I kept having to roll napkins up and draw the liquid out of there. Figured I had worn the coil out and just needed to change it. That coil lasted a week.

Today, I bought replacement coils. The store gave me smok v12 prince q4

. One big hole, and rated for lower temps. Ok… changed the coil, primed it, filled the tank… Half the juice poured out AGAIN. Cleaned it up, tried to draw on it… Tiny, barely visible cloud. Dumped the remaining juice. Screwed the coil into the top of the tank, screwed on the bottom, and filled it up. It works now, but sounds weird. I’m hoping it doesn’t dump out again, but I am scared it will. What am I doing wrong here?


Since this type of tank has a low coil pressure, thicker juice works best, something with 70VG or higher. I recommend max VG. The wattage settings on the coil are also very important. If you are below the wattage the coil suggests works “best” the device is not getting hot enough to vaporize all the liquid it is drawing it. Different coils have different recommended wattages, which you seem to be aware of. The coil acts as a plug between the liquid and the airflow which you are experiencing leaking from. What kind of juice are you using? Are you in the middle of the recommended wattage range?


I don’t know what percentage of vg my liquid has in it… I’ve just looked at both bottles (store brand) and it doesn’t say anywhere. It just says, May contain nicotine, VG, PG, and flavoring. I’ll have to check with the store on that. I was vaping at 60-70 watts, and the recommended “best” range was 60-80. I took that tank back to the store, because it dumped everything again the morning after I posted this, and he traded it our for a Vaporesso NRG tank. So far, so good with this one!


Actually, after a quick google, I realized this is in fact not a store brand. lol… It’s No Hype Vapors, banana nut bread, and butter pecan ice cream. They are 70/30 vg/pg.


Hey @Sonya_P
I’m happy you were able to best your tank replaced! The NRG tank is actually one of my favourites, I have one in blue. The juice you are using shouldn’t have been the issue with the liquid pouring out… same with the wattage you were using. Maybe one of the seals was a manufacturer defect. Hope you enjoy your new tank! You can use the Vaporesso GT coils or Smok Baby Beast coils for more selection.


ive had the same problem. the tank has dumped out several times. the final time though somehow the juice managed to get inside stopped it from working completely. it said no atomizer was found. dried it all up still the same. tried my tank on a different set up worked fine, tried a diff tank on mine, did not work.
my partner unscrewed the top with the star screwdriver that came with it and there was juice inside he dried it up as best as he could so it does now fire… but with drastically reduced power