Smok Procolor 225W


I own a Smoking ProColor 225W and one day when it was charging the batteries just ended up draining instead of charging. It wouldn’t turn on and then after I took them out and put them back in, they started hissing. So I thought the battery cells died so I bought new batteries and put them in. The same thing happened. They started hissing, so I popped them out in fear that it would explode. Need help I have no idea what the issue is, I feel it might be my whole mod broke or something.


If you were charging your batteries using passthrough charging in your device you may have fried the chip in the mod. Although Smok advertises passthrough charging, this is a very common issue. To avoid this, I recommend using a bay charger and charging your batteries outside of your device. I hope you can still make a warranty claim with Smok!


How would I claim the warranty because it doesn’t give me any information in the box


Your receipt is going to be your proof of purchase and have all necessary information. Wherever you bought your device from should give you some form of warranty, generally 30 days, however this depends on the companies policy. If you do not have a warranty through where you bought your device go to the smok website and look for their warranty policy. It should walk you through how to do a warranty claim.


Thank you


No problem! You can bring it by any 180 Smoke location and have one of our associates take a look at it for you in person to confirm it is defective.