Smok Stick Prince


My smok stick prince has stopped firing up, when i put it on the charge it charges for 2 minutes then the red light goes off what is wrong and i changed the coil


So, I know it’s a common occurrence with the prince stick, however there are a few ways you could go about it:

The first thing to know is if you charged it overnight multiple times, or even once, it could have short circuited your internal battery making it not hold a charge or not charge at all.

If you haven’t charged it over night and it is having this issue out of the box, I would suggest you get your receipt and exchange it for a new one if its within the first 30 days.

There is a smok warranty as well, if its past 30 days, you could always go through smok.

Another option would be to get a new mod. I know the prince tank works well weather it’s on a stick or on a different mod device.

Another possibility is it could be the cord you are using. Sometimes different cords have a “fast charge effect” without being labeled on a box. So you should always be cautious of the cords you use. And remember not to charge it longer than 3 hours. Since the stick is an internal battery, its safest to charge it for shorter periods of time rather than overnight. This is because it’s electrical currant doesnt have an automatic cut off like phones. Its unfortunate, but true. We can only hope the vape world will find a solution to the currant shut off.

Its important to remember that these things happen and can happen to anyone. its normal to be worried because it’s not functioning as it should. If after all these suggestions you still arent sure what to do, you are always welcome to come into any 180 smoke store and we would be happy to troubleshoot your device for you :slight_smile:

We are here to help, and I hope this helps you! :3 it’s a lot of information i know, but I really hope your device gets up and running!