Smok stick v8 baby will not hold charge


I bought the smok stick v8 baby about 2 weeks ago, it’s been working fine. Yesterday earlier i was vaping and it was working perfectly fine, until a little later in the day it just wouldn’t charge. Now, randomly the vape will not hold a charge. I tried to charge it all day and all night, and it will let me vape while it’s plugged in if i wait an hour, and unplugged only if i plug it in for multiple hours. and it will only last for about 10 hits before blinking 15 times.

I don’t know what to do, i don’t see anything about replacing the battery or what i can do to fix this issue.


Unfortunately, with built-in battery devices you’re unable to change the battery. Once the battery stops working you would have to replace the device, but you’re able to keep the tank and just get a different battery (mod). I would recommend getting a mod that uses 18650s, that way when the mod stops holding a charge you can just replace the 18650 instead of the whole device.

Since you only had the device for 2 weeks, I would try to go back to the store you bought it from and see if they have any warranty. (Example; 180 Smoke offers a 30 days warranty with receipt if its defective) You can also try contacting SMOK customer service as they also have a 30-60 days warranty for their products as well.

Like phones, it is not recommended to charge vapes overnight, because it doesn’t have a cut-off system for when it is fully charged. So if it’s charged over night, it could potentially damage the battery. 2-3 hours should be the max time for charging any built-in or single battery mod.


Not sure about that Elain.

I’ll assume we’re talking about a 3000 mAh battery. If connected to a USB outlet as will be the case most of the time the charging time will be dependent on the amount of current you can draw from that outlet.

Many USB sockets are limited to a maximum output of 500 mAh. So that will mean a minimum of 6 hours to deliver 3000 mAh.