SMOK Stick V8 kit not charging after replacing coil


I have had my mod (SMOK Stick V8 kit) for over 3 months now and I just got it back from my boyfriend who I lent it to and switched the coil because he uses a higher mg of nicotine than I do and I went to plug it in on the charger ( the one I got in the box) when I finished switching to a new coil and the red light stays on for about 30 seconds indicating charging and then shuts off but the firing button still flashes when I try to fire. I’ve tried to take out then put the could back in about 4 times now and it’s still not charging or firing


It could possibly be the battery that has an issue. Do you charge it overnight? Have you tried tightening your coil on the base?


Try the above stated, also if you can bring it to a friend or store that has the same tank, see if it fires. If all fails try contacting smok directly , I hope you have kept the box because for aftercare and warranty it is very crucial.

Best of luck


I used to charge it overnight about a month ago before I let him use it, and I’ve tried taking it apart off and on all yesterday, tightening it and redoing it.