SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Unboxing & Review



Here it is! The SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King tank.
See it unboxed and reviewed in the video below.


The Smok Alien Mod also has adjustable ramp up time (soft, normal, hard) for wattage mode to control the cloud production of your tank. The Alien has a temperature section that will tell you the temperature when using the mod, this setting will help prevent you from overheating your device.

Smok TFV12 has two different editions, one that is shown in the video and one for RBA users. Unfortunately, most vape stores don’t carry the RBA edition, but you’re able to buy the 2 different RBAs separately. You have an option of either the triple coils RBA, the dual coils RBA or you can even run a single coil in both RBA system.

Like all high wattage tanks, I do recommended running them close to the max wattage of the coils to get a decent amount of not only cloud production but also flavor production. High wattage tanks, like the Smok TFV12, TFV8 or the Aspire Cleito 120, are meant to be pushed to at least 100w. The coils in those tanks don’t do as well when using low wattage or thin juice base (50VG 50PG or 60VG 40PG) just because those coils love high power and Max VG juice. If you were to run a thin base juice or use the tank at low wattage then be prepare to have some leaking issues, the coils will almost always over saturate and leak from the airflow.


The TFV12 looks amazing on the gpriv, for anyone who’s trying to figure out the best mod pairing.


If anyone knows aspire new speeder kit.very nice looking mod.seems that it is not available at 180smok now?What is the price?
I am very curious about the performance of the tank, same coil head system as smok TFV8


180 Smoke currently don’t carry the Aspire Speeder Kit.

The coils for the speeder look very similar to the TFV8 but the TFV8 tank is able to push to a higher wattage, I don’t think the coils are compatible though. The Aspire Speeder kit look really similar to the Smok Alien kit, with design and specs of mod and tank, I would definitely recommend comparing it to the Smok Alien kit.


Thank you for the information.In fact, I had a Alien kit, I like the big screen of the mod, it shows all the information I want.
But I don’t like the tank so much, not flavorful as my cleito tank.So I am very curious about the performance of the Athos tank included in the kit.Before placing an order, I will look for some opinions from the reviews.