Sore throat and continues coughing



Hi I am new to vaping.its been 1 month I started vaping.i used to smoke normally around 5 cigarette a day sometimes more.but from a day I started vaping I completely stopped was a challenge for me.but after a week of vaping I started having sore throat and coughing a lot.its been about 2 weeks I have been coughing and having sore throat.its hard to speak because I cannot talk for long as my vocal starts to decrease.i have been drinking warm water a lot,and grugling salt water but the problem still remains.i m is because I used Rdta tank instead of sub ohm tank or because of a juice(vgod cubano,strawberry short cakes,watermelon with 70 vg/30pg).i don’t want to go back to smoking again,so please suggest


@Bijay What wattage do you use? Are you using nicotine in your e-liquid?