Sourin air broken need help please!


So my sourin keeps blinking red when I turn it on I’ve charged it and it charges perfectly but when I turn it on like I said it keeps blinking red and it won’t fire. I’ve already tried opening it n cleaning the sensor. I can’t keep buying a new one as this is my second one already. Help please!!!


I have one too and once I remember my coil was messed up and was causing the blinking light.

@Trusted please help


So what did u have 2 do??


Like did u ever fix it n how?


Have you tried a different pod in the system? Like @Ashutosh_Jha said, I have had this experience when the device was no longer reading the coil.


Same as Kelly said - I believe the pod needs to be replaced. Either the coil were out or the connection became faulty somehow.


I tried a colleague’s pod (tank) and it worked with my battery. So I purchased a new pod. Mind you, my pod was at least a week old and for some reason went bust overnight … I don’t remember it falling but who knows.

The new pod surprisingly kepy going for over 1.5 months (much longer than my other suorin air but I must say I use two devices; The other being the JUNO Pod with much higher nic .



Yeah I’ve purchased several pods thinking some may have been defective I contacted sourin though but to no avail. I should’ve been clear as 2 what I said LoL the device itself (the mod) blinks red without a pod even in it as well so I’m thinking it’s not a pod issue I may have 2 just go buy another one. I’ve tried the I Joy vpc pod mod system the smoke Novo the sourin drop and the vagon and I get the best taste and hit with my air sucks they seem to have several issues with them cause it’s the best mod system I’ve ever used. Thanks 4 all of your help though I appreciate it!!! :two_hearts:


Hey! Did you mention which Suorin is having a problem? I found that juice build up can actually get inside of the Suorin Air and cause it to stop firing. If you want to get a bit technical before buying a new one, then watch this quick YouTube video on how to clean it out.


alessandra thanks for the youtube video that i found while using human growth hormone. i was just thinking to go and get myself another one as i thought that there’s no way to get it fixed and i saw your post. is there someone who made it working again after watching that youtube video? wish me good luck!


It’s worth a shot. I haven’t personally, but I have seen others make it work again using this technique.


I would not suggest vaporizing human growth hormone


Haha I just saw that last comment…I was thinking mistake, but then why would they make it a link?