Sourin Air not hitting


Alright so here’s what’s up. I’ve had a sourin for about a month and I clean it every couple of days thoroughly with a q-tip. Today it just randomly stopped hitting and blue blue light was flashing (classic)


When the blue light flashes it means there is no connection between the battery and the coil. If you’ve been using the same pod for a month its probably time to change it. If not, pods are made by the millions and it is not uncommon to get a defective one. Keep up the maintenance you’re doing, that really helps prolong the life of the device.


Okay thanks. What would you reccomend for making better connection between the battery and coil?


@Dannnicki It’s likely that the coil in your pod is burnt out. You can expect coils to last around 2 weeks on average before they’ll need to be replaced. So if this happens, it prevents the battery from making a connection. Try replacing it with a new pod and see if that makes a difference.


The cleaning you are doing is the best way to ensure the connections are clean between the battery and the coil. The connections are the two gold coloured circles found on the bottom of the pod, and top of the battery. Pods typically last anywhere between 1-4 weeks depending on usage. I had the blinking happen with one of my pods too, haven’t had an issue since I replaced it.


Same thing happened to mine and it was because i have extra juice sitting around the connection ports under the cartridge, after i dried it up it was working fine, clean the battery connections and the cartridge connections- then change the cartridge.