Suorin air blinking red when turned on


So ive had my suorin air since may and everythings been working fine (clean it daily and get new pods when needed) until today. I turned it on and it starts blinking red. I thought it was dead so I charged it until the light turned blue but when i went to turn it back on the same issue occured. Now it wont rip. Any suggestions?


do u keep it off when charged? also could be a dud pod, try an old or new one and see if it fires. with these small sub 50 dollar items many issues can arise. try contacting suorin if all else fails, they will need up close photos of the box of your device.


Did you try changing your pod? I have similar issues with my suorin flashing red and luckily for me I changed my pod and it’s great. It could also be the way you charge it as well, I’ve had similiar issues with my devices flashing red and I charge it overnight or even constantly plugging it in and out. Like the person stated above, you can try to contact suorin too