Suorin Air Not Hitting



My suorin all of the sudden just stopped hitting. It is charged and there is juice in it, but whenever I inhale through it it doesn’t hit, the light doesn’t even turn on or anything. Do any of y’all know how to fix this?


It might be time for a new pod. Have you tried cleaning the connections for the pod with a q tip? Something may not be connecting properly. I had issues with a defective pod that came pre installed with my device and it would only pull 50% of the time. I replaced the pod and haven’t had an issue since.


My suorin works but I have to hit it really really hard. I used to be able to hit it normally but now I have to suck super hard just to get a little hit. I’ve taken out the mother board and cleaned it multiple times. I’m not sure what’s going on lol


You changed the pods and everything? What kind of liquid are you using? Some liquids that are max/high vg tend to have a thicker consistency so it could be that it’s really thick and it won’t saturate through the coils fast enough. How is the charging process for you? do you charge it when it’s fully dead or sometimes you charge on and off half way and dead. The consistency with charging levels can affect your battery as well.