Suorin battery fix


Ive been using it for about a month and juice previously leaked inside and the battery just doesnt let it hit. ive cleaned it many times and let it sit next to a fan for a few hours and it does let me hit it for a split second but after that its gone. can anyone give me tips on how to fix the battery


I wouldn’t recommend trying to fix or change the battery inside your device as it is built in to the device and without the proper knowledge with electronics/battery safety you could cause further damage to your device or even yourself. You would also almost certainly void any warranty that your device may still be covered under depending on how long ago and where it was purchased.

Have you changed your pod in the last month since you purchased your device? Pods on average will last about 1-3 weeks before needing to be replaced. If not replaced within that average time period, could cause leaking, spit back, a “short” in your pod which would mean the wire in your pod has broken so it won’t complete a circuit and won’t hit or fire, and/or a “burnt” taste.

Sounds like the issue you are having may be a connectivity issue between the 2 contacts on the bottom of the pod and the 2 contacts on your device itself. I would recommend changing the pod if you haven’t already and see if that solves your issue. Could just be you had a defective pod which happens from time to time or your pod is ready to be changed. If any of those suggestions doesn’t solve the issue you’re having, and juice did get that far inside your device it could be damaged and you may have to purchase a new device.

Hopefully that isn’t the case but if you need any more help or have any more questions please continue to post here or stop into a 180 smoke vape shop if you have the time and an associate will be more than happy to help you with your device or any questions you may have.


I agree with brandon