Suorin products


I’ve had many suorin products. I’ve had about 3 suorin drips and three suorin airs. They all work fine at first, and then they all break due to the battery. They either stop charging, I’ll charge for hours and I.T stays on red blinking, or I.T won’t hit at all. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, all I do is hit I.T, keep I.T clean, and charge I.T. I don’t feel like I’m doing anything wrong, does anyone else have these problems with suorin products?


Considering it is an internal battery with 300mAh- 400mAh the life span of the device is not very long. I’ve had my drop for about 2 months now. How long is a suorin device lasting you before it breaks down? Do you use it a lot through out the day?


Have you try charging it with a different cord? I have both the air and the drop and I noticed that over time the charging port wouldn’t work well with the cord it comes with. When charging it should be a solid red color and then solid blue when it fully charge. If it’s blinking red while charging it could mean that the connection between to the cord and device is not stable. I also recommend to only charge the suorin devices for about 2-3 hours, because it’s such a small battery, it cant withstand a overnight charge.

How long have you had the device for? Usually vape stores offer a 30 days warranty on the device, if you had the device under 30 days i would recommend bringing back to the vape store you got it from and see they can do the warranty for you.