T-PRIV And How To Fix It When it’s Not Working At All


Just like mechanical stick mods they need to be cleaned at some point. The T-PRIV is easy to open up and put back together. I tried everything and then took it into my own hands opened up noticed it was dirty and just needed to be cleaned. And juice was on the inside just wipe it off and the firing pin at the bottom of the mod was raised up some so I slowly pushed the pin down an put it back together. And then it turned on no problem at all, and the same batteries I’ve been using forever still works just fine. I hope someone finds this helpful, it helped me and I couldn’t find anything online to help me fix it. Just kept going in circles with info. If you’d lie a video on how to do it let me know but it’s pretty much simple.


Just remember that tampering with your device in any way will likely void the warranty, if it’s still covered. It’s always best to hit up the store/manufacturer first to see if there’s anything they can do.

Beyond that, going in and doing some fixes yourself can be beneficial if you have the know-how. But it could potentially be dangerous if you’re fiddling with the electronics. So be very careful!