My t-priv screen is scrambled. It will fire but I can’t see what’s going on… it lights up the screen but everything is mushed together. Please help!!!


@Kingxlurch what exactly do you mean by scrambled/mushed? Any way you can post a photo?



Has it been dropped? Do you charge it via micro USB port or external charger? Where did you purchase it? Try doing an update through the USB on smoks website


No it hasn’t been dropped, I charge it internally and I don’t have a computer to download it on at the moment. But I bought it in North Carolina on vacation about 5-6 months ago


I don’t recommend charging internally for any dual cell mod that has the batteries running in a series configuration. Unfortunately you may have broken the device. The only option would be a firmware update or reset, but you do need computer access for that.

Best of luck


I don’t think they have the firmware to fix this problem yet. I can get to a computer just not at this very moment. It still vapes fine just don’t know what watt I’m running or anything else.