Are there any firmware updates that will help me? T-priv screen crash jammed… it’s nothing to do with the low power screen problem!



You can try updating the system but honestly I don’t think that would be much of a help. I think in your position you need to contact Smok themself and try to go through their warranty.

But this is the link to the firmware update:


I’ll give it a try, I couldn’t navigate their page every time I’d search for anything it would say items not found. What would be the best way to get in contact with smok? I’ve emailed them three times


Have you tried going through the sopport system on their website instead?


@Kingxlurch SMOK often authorizes the retailer to provide warranty (6 months I believe). So you might have some luck going back to where you purchased.


I’m pretty sure my warranty has ran out. I bought it on vacation earlier this year and I have tried several times different ways to get In contact with smok No one has replied in any way yet