Tank for Aspire Zelos mod


I’m brand new to vaping world, quit smoking a week ago.
I just purchased Aspiro Zelos mod and am using my boyfriend’s (unidentifiable old) tank with a 0.6 aspire coil in it. It’s way too harsh (vaping at the lowest range of the coil allowance - 18w) and makes me choke when I inhale.
He has a sub ohm device that gives a lot of flavour and big clouds.
I’m looking for a recommendation on the new tank (and coil) that will give me a smoother inhale (don’t want to be choking every time i inhale), direct to lung vape, more flavour, and more clouds.
Any feed back is appreciated.


Direct to lung vaping will always be harsher than using a mouth to lung tank like your Nautilus 2 on the Zelos. We’d recommend starting small with a Atlantis Evo or if you wanted something a bit more punchy, a Cleito tank. Do note you should consider going down to a step in your Nicotine strength as sub-ohm vaping is much stronger.



Were you a customer at our Islington location? If so I believe I remember you :smile: your boyfriends tank is the Aspire Nautilus x. I agree with the previous recommendation of an Aspire Atlantis Evo because it has many coil options. The cleito is also a good suggestion for something a bit more punchy. You also might want to play around with your nicotine as this could also be contributing to your throat irritation and coughing.

Good Luck,



Hey Alissa!
That was me!!! First of all, in my nicotine withdrawal ( read: crazy) stage, that night I saw you, I’m not sure if I thanked you appropriately for all of your help, patience and understanding with me while I figure out what’s what - lol. You were nothing short of amazing - so thank you!!!
I returned the next morning, and asked for you, but was told you’re only there one day a week :frowning: but I ended up buying the tank that you recommended, and so far so great! I will be returning this week to get more vape and coils, and I hope to see you there again!
Again, you’re amazing, and I can’t thank you enough for all your help that evening! 180 smoke is very lucky to have you!!! :))
See you soon!


Hi Tamara!
I’m so happy you’re continuing to stick to vaping. Quitting smoking is definitely not easy! Our 180 Smoke Staff are here for you every step of the way. That being said, I am thrilled to hear you had another great experience at the Islington store. Please reach out if you have any questions, concerns or feedback, where it be on here or in stores. I’ll always be rooting for your vaping success!

Hope our paths cross soon!

Alissa :slight_smile: