Temp Control Or CCV?


Ok so I’m pretty new to vaping and I’ve pretty much dived in head first. Although I’m catching on pretty fast to a lot… I’m having trouble understanding temp control. I’ve watched a lot of videos and read articles but since I’m still new the info isn’t really making a lot of sense. So with that being said I’m gonna be as specific as possible. I currently have a .09 ohm build with SS316L wire on my rta sitting on the vaporesso tarot pro. The default watts is at 100W. What is a good temp to set this at? Also to my understanding CCV mode (idk what that stands for) allows you to dictate how much the mod revs up (for a lack of a better term) while the firing button is being held. I heard that’s supposed to allow for quicker drags (by quicker I mean the time between one draw and the next) to prevent the burnout of your coil due to chain vaping. If anyone could take the time out to help me that would be awesome. Thanks in advance :blush:




That’s not quite what they’re referring to by quicker drags.
CCW mode stands for Customized Curve of Wattage. It allows you to set the wattage level for each half second for the first 5 seconds (so, 10 individual settings), so it can progressively increase or lower the power while you take a draw.
What’s being referred to by ‘quicker drags’ isn’t the time between taking them - it’s referring to how quickly power is delivered to the coil so that it reaches it’s maximum potential of production. Large, low resistance coils that run at high wattage can take a bit to ‘warm up’ so to speak, but if you run them at too high a wattage level they will start to give a dry hit or burn out during a long draw. What the CCW mode allows you to do is set the power at a high level to start and then lower, so that you can get a big coil producing a large amount of vapor instantly, but not burn out.
Check this review of the Vaporesso Revenger that has the same settings, and you can see Chris explain it in more detail.


I didn’t mean they were talking about quicker draws. I was referring to quicker drag personally. When I say that I mean the time between drags that I’m taking. I think they call it chain vaping. But they say your not suppose to do that so I was wanting to see if cct mode would help if I take close drags


There’s not much you can do in that regard with factory coils aside from not running them too high. The higher they’re run the quicker they dry out, and chain vaping will lead to burning.

The only other thing to do is get a tank that supports higher wattage, or get into rebuildables where you can coil and wick how you want. I find it quite handy because I use large build decks and run them at 150+W. I find it handy to drop the wattage 20-30 after the first second to avoid getting it toasty, whereas running them lower I found it too airy.


If you don’t mind my asking. What ohm is your build that support 150+W? I’ve been doing rebuildables and I just let the mod choose the watts




@Carbon_Soule here’s an example. Big, low resistance coils. I use decks with a lot of space and huge airflow.


@Carbon_Soule I run this one around 250W.