The Facts Surrounding E-cigarettes Exploding



With a lot of media hype surrounding “E-cig explodes” and many viral articles spouting misinformation, there have been many justifiable concerns among prospective customers and novice vapers. Here at 180 Smoke, we have received many questions about whether e-cigarettes are actually safe to use in response to these incidences.

The devices people are having these problems with are actually just a specific subset of e-cigs called mech mods. This is a slang word for “Mechanical Mod”, and it is very different from regulated vapes you will find in most shops. On these devices, there are no dials or screens allowing the user to select wattage/voltage or temperatures. These devices simply use the raw power of the battery and are entirely unregulated. They tend to be metal tubes with a single space for a battery. Most importantly, mech mods CANNOT be used with the standard tanks used on regulated mods. They must be used with atomizers that have a protruding pin (i.e. Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers or Rebuildable Tank Atomizers [RDA/RTA for short]). These are rebuildable devices for experienced vapers who have a thorough understand of electronics and ohm’s law, and are capable of building a stable circuit themselves.

The Difference Between Regulated and Unregulated Mods

When you vape with a regulated device, you will generally have a dial or screen with measurements allowing you to select the temperature, wattage or voltage for your personal use, as well as measurements indicating the resistance of your coil. This is the piece inside your tank that produces the vapour. Along with these awesome features is a regulating chip—a computer chip inside your vape that ensures many safety features, along with enabling some great features for your individual use.

Some of these safety features include:

  • Automatic power cut-off for overheating—if you press the fire button for too long, it cuts off all power to the device, temporarily preventing the overheating of your battery

  • Short-circuit power cut-off—this prevents the device from firing if there is a short anywhere in your device

  • Over dis-charge prevention—this prevents you from firing your device at levels too high for your battery load to handle

These added safety features are what prevents a regulated vaporizer from being subject to dangerous incidents.

Other problems come from vapers carrying exposed removable batteries in their pockets. It may seem innocent, but this is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. It is very important to carry batteries in a designated battery case, as carrying batteries loose and unprotected in your pocket with change or keys can cause the battery to discharge.

It is important to note that a novice vaper interested in building their own coils can certainly use RDA’s and RTA’s on their regulated device safely.

180 Smoke does not carry mech mods devices, but this information is valuable to anyone with concerns after some of these stories or who continues to use mech mods.

For more on battery safety, check out the video below:

9 Things To Know Before You Start Vaping
Battery Warnings: "Not for use in e-cigarettes"

Battery Safety is the number one way to keep your regulated device safe. Often times new vapers believe that mech mods are the sole purpose for vapes exploding but this isn’t the case. Regulated devices that use removable batteries are also susceptible to “exploding” if not properly taken care of. Since the battery can be removed from the device, they can be damaged. The colour wrapping you see on your 18650 battery acts as a safety coating. Once this wrap begins to break and peel off the battery becomes unstable and is VERY DANGEROUS. Any battery without a perfect wrap should stop being used immediately. These batteries can be rewrapped at vape stores, where they put a brand new safety coating on for under $5 or you can simply replace your battery.

If you are using a device that has more than one battery it should never be charged using passthrough charging with the micro USB port. This micro USB port is meant for firmware updates only your device. When you use passthrough charging on a multiple battery device, the batteries are charged individually at different rates. This is an issue because you want the batteries to function as one battery in a multi battery device and recharge and discharge at the same time. Passthrough charging also does not charge batteries to their full capacity shortening their lifespan. When using a multi battery device, you should always charge your batteries in a bay charger for the best health and safety of your batteries. When using a multi battery device you should also “marry” your batteries. This means that these batteries should always be together in the device and recharge and discharge together. For example, one 18650 cannot be used in a single battery device, and then used in a multi battery device.

Not taking care of your 18650s physical condition or when charging can and will result in your 18650 battery venting in the device.


Another point to note is when you are using a multi-battery device, ensure that you are using two (or more) of the same make and model batteries. For example; if you were using a Samsung 25r (2500mah) and an LG HG2 (3000mah) in a dual battery mod, the charge on your 25r would deplete before your HG2 thus causing serious issues. I have seen people with melted batteries and mods because they have used two different makes and models of batteries in their devices. [quote=“Alissaburton, post:2, topic:340”]
When using a multi battery device you should also “marry” your batteries. This means that these batteries should always be together in the device and recharge and discharge together. For example, one 18650 cannot be used in a single battery device, and then used in a multi battery device.

This is a very important point as well for people looking to upgrade from a single battery device to a dual. Do not use your battery from your single 18650 mod in your new dual 18650 mod.

VAPE SAFE! :slight_smile: :cloud:


Great video, very useful guidance for new users. Another point,when using a multi-battery device,not only ensure the batteries are from one brand, but also ensure the batteries have the same specification (discharge rate,capacity,material…)
vape safe:smile: