The Government of Canada Recognizes Vaping as a Less Harmful Alternative to Smoking


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In an astonishing turn of events, the Government of Canada has published a page on stating clearly that “Vaping is less harmful than smoking.”

Of course, we vapers have known this for a long while, but considering the impending federal and provincial regulations coming into place and the amount of back-and-forth conflict advocates have received from Government officials, not many of us expected this incredible outcome. At last, our efforts in advocacy have paid off!

The page also notes that while vaping is a better option for smokers, non-smokers should refrain from vaping, as it can still have some health and addiction repercussions.

All-in-all, vapers across Canada seem to be very pleased with this publication, as you can see from this Reddit thread that is still growing in popularity.

So vape on, vapers! Your advocacy has brought us this far; imagine what it could do in the future!