Thoughts, opinions, data on vaping indoors with pets?


Okay so I’ve been a smoker for about 25 years now. Have always smoked indoors with my pets since I adopted them 8 years ago. Obviously trying to keep it away from them but still in the air. Have increased to about 2 packs per day for the last nine months or so. I’m trying to switch to vaping and finally found a setup I like. I’ve been researching ever since I bought it about the effects it would have on my pets and can’t find any definitive info. All I’ve seen is that vapor is better than smoke. Is more nicotine exhaled in cigarette smoke or vapor? Would vapor leave a residue on their fur, etc that smoke did not? Although I now realize the smoking has affected them in some way, I am concerned about causing more harm with vaping. I’m probably just being paranoid but am looking for any info anyone may have. Thanks.


Hi @Lisa_Ockerman,

Hope this helps!


Thank you. I did read the article and that got me wondering about the residual vapor as opposed to residual smoke.

It sounds crazy but it seems like my pets are avoiding me with the vapor when they didn’t with the cigarettes.

Are there any flavors that anyone has noticed that pets seem to dislike?

My pets are like my children and I care for them as such. If my vet ever told me they were experiencing any difficulties due to the tobacco smoke I would not be smoking around them. I just want to make sure vapor will not harm them either.


Since you were a long term heavier smoker, I think your pets got used to the smell of cigarettes. There are no carcinogens in vapour. I think your pets may be acting differently because vaping has such a variety of scents. Even if you are vaping a cigarette flavour the scent will not be the same because part of the smell of a cigarette is the actual burning tobacco. Their sense of smell is much better than ours. To be honest with you, I haven’t noticed any flavours my pets prefer or do not like (I have cats & dogs) but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. This is entirely my own opinion.


Thank you. I appreciate the feedback.


No problem! Thank you for thinking of your pets!