Tpriv 3 smok not turning on


I just bought a Tpriv 3 off a reliable friend. It worked really well, charged great, and she didnt have it for long, never stopped working for her. Recently it stopped working for me, it said i needed to charge battery, and they were charged, so i left them on the charger for the night and it started working again. Then it stopped, again. I charged my batteries the correct way, put the batteries in the correct spot and now it doesnt turn on. A friend plugged the android charger in to update it, and it didnt help anything. Im not sure what to do, i was looking through some of recent questions and i figured i want to ask if you or anyone can help me out, if not i will visit the vape shop i go to.


@torigaddy Was there any response at all when you plugged it in to update the firmware? Was the device turning on at all? Are those batteries older or brand new?


The batteries are new, and the mod would not show any sign of being on. It did not turn on or blink any lights.


@torigaddy this may seem like a silly question, but I’ll ask it anyways – did you click the fire button 5 times to turn it on? It might have been turned off by accident (I’ve seen it happen quite a few times).


Yes i tried clicking the hitting button five times, and even tried to hold it for five seconds to see if that would work, but nothing.


@torigaddy Hmmm, in that case, it wouldn’t hurt to get it checked out at a vape shop. They should be able to assess the device and let you know if it’s something that can be troubleshot or if the device itself is dead.