UK's TPD Vaping Regulations



In May 2017, the UK’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) was implemented to regulate all tobacco and e-cigarette products. This new directive had a major impact on the UK’s vape industry, putting restrictions on e-liquid production, device manufacturing, packaging and advertising.

Here’s a breakdown of the TPD regulations and how they affect UK vapers:

E-liquid Bottle Size

In an attempt to reduce the overall amount of e-liquid consumed, the TPD limits e-liquid bottles to 10ml. It’s also required for bottles to have child- and tamper-proof caps in order to prevent harm, and a leakproof design to avoid e-liquid spills (i.e., squeeze bottles rather than dropper bottles).

Nicotine Concentration Limit

Although higher levels of nicotine were available in the past, the TPD has granted a maximum allowance of 20mg in 10ml bottle sizes. Former heavy smokers or low-wattage vape pen users may be affected by this specific regulation.

Atomizer Tank Capacity Size

The TPD requires that all vape tanks must not exceed the maximum of 2ml. In compliance with TPD regulations, many manufacturing companies have now released 2ml versions of larger capacity tanks specifically for sale in the UK. However, selection of e-cigarette products are more limited overall.

Packaging Requirements

You may have recently noticed this phrase on packaging of e-cigarette mods, tanks or coils: “This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance”.

The TPD requires this phrase to be included on packaging for any e-cigarette–related products, and even specifies its size, positioning and clarity for items sold in the UK.

Advertising Regulations

The TPD prohibits all promotion of e-cigarette products both in-store and online, unless it is used purely for informational purposes. Flavour names and descriptions must be kept neutral and informative, and any health claims or benefits are restricted.