Understanding mAh and Amperage



mAh (or milliampere hours) is the measurement used to identify how much charge capacity a battery can handle. In a more practical sense, the higher the mAh of a battery, the longer the charge will last.

Amperage, on the other hand, is the max amount of output that the battery can give. A higher amperage will have a higher power output, often creating a stronger hit when used in e-cigarettes.

Amperage and mAh are opposing factors, meaning that when one measure is higher, the other is lower. For example, a higher mAh battery will have a lower amperage level than a lower mAh battery. Thus, higher charge lifespan decreases performance level, and vice versa.

This is important to keep in mind when choosing a battery cell for your e-cigarette device. You’ll want to decide whether you prefer a stronger performance or a longer-lasting charge from your battery.


i’d like to add some things here:

alot of customers that come into my store ask me whats the best battery for their device.
the one thing you need to consider is what type of unit do you have, and how many batteries does the unit use. for single battery units, its always better to use a higher amperage battery, as this will allow you to get a full wattage of your unit. using 3000mah batteries are usually around a 20A limit. this means that any atomiser that is made for high wattage vaping, will not last as long as a 2500mah 25A. this is due to the fact that you are being close to the AMP limit. this is not a saftey issue at all, as the unit does have circuits to protect from that happening.

now with dual/triple battery units, the amperage does not matter as much. the mods have voltage regulation, and do not pull the amperage from one single battery but 2 or 3. it is recommended to use a minimum a 20A battery when choosing a batteries. any atomiser that you are using that runs at 150W will be perfect for this setup. anything over 150W will case the unit to become warm, and will cause the batteries to not last as long. this is because you are reaching the AMP limit for all 3, and will not work optimally. This is where using 25A+ batteries is recommenced, and will remedy this issue.


Great addition, @Joevapes


So you’ll get more life with 25A/2500mAh than 20A/3000mAh? Can you explain more? Got any links with some math I could read?

I am regularly vaping at high wattage, and notice significant more life with a new pair of VTC6’s than with new HG2’s. Even the VTC5’s give me more and they’re actually quite aged.


@shivnibble that is correct IF you are doing high wattage vaping on a single 18650. for example, if you are using a cleito, you are usually in the higher end of the wattage range of single 18650 mods. what ends up happening is that the battery will sag more at the end of its voltage (3.7V) if it is lower amp battery. now do keep in mind, the only battery i would confirm that makes this statement true, is the sony VTC4, sony VTC5A, and the LGHB6. Mooch is a well known member of the vaping community, and has posted a bunch of tests on almost every battery available here. now i have no link to provide that shows that higher amp batteries last longer, but if you look at the battery tests, you will notice that the higher mah batteries do sag a bit faster. again this only applies to higher wattage’s (50+).anything like a subtank or under that will not see a difference. i do apologise for not having anymore info, this is just things ive witnessed personally, and follow the charts to see if my findings are close to what the charts say.


Thank you vape master Joe! So many people are not aware of this information and you explained it very well and in great detail. :grinning: