Understanding Temp Control



Temperature control (or TC) is a method of vaping, using measures of degrees to control the heating of the coil rather than wattage output. Benefits of temperature control can be a faster coil ramp-up time, a much smoother vape, and a decrease in the risk of “dry hits”. TC can be confusing at times, so here are three things that will make it easier to understand.

  1. On normal variable wattage devices, the user is adjusting the speed at which the coils heat up. TC allows the user to regulate the speed AND set a temperature, so that once the coil hits the desired temperature it will not continue to heat up, allowing the user to fire the device as long they’d like without fear of a dry hit.

  2. TC coils are made from different types of metal. Normal wattage devices typically use kanthal coils. TC are usually made of nickel, titanium, stainless steel and nichrome. Nickel and titanium coils MUST be used ONLY on their appropriate TC settings, whereas stainless steel and nichrome coils can function on both TC modes and normal wattage.

  3. It’s important to note that all TC devices will also function on the regular variable wattage modes, so buying a temperature control device doesn’t mean that they have to use these settings, but it does give you more options to explore down the road.