Update: Canadian Federal Bill on Vaping



Federal Bill S-5, the Canadian Government’s attempt to create a legal framework for vaping, has created quite the stir due to the restrictions that will be imposed once the Bill comes into effect. But what exactly does it mean for you, the vaper?

###Legislative Bill S-5

Bill S-5 looks to regulate e-cigarette production, sales and use by prohibiting flavourings that “appeal to youth”, such as candy, dessert, soda and energy drink flavourings, and by putting restrictions on packaging and advertisement of e-cigarette products.

You can view Bill S-5 in its entirety here.

In response to this proposed legislation, the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association (ECTA) brings up some very interesting points on the matter. As a respected voice in the vaping community, the ECTA identifies several inconsistent, unclear and unfounded statements made in Bill S-5 including

  • “No person” can state facts, cite studies, provide testimony, state public information or make comparative remarks about relative risks of Vaping Products compared to smoking.
    This general statement refers to any Canadian, including retailers, customers or even experts. The ECTA points out that this is “deception by omission … which is prohibited in consumer protection laws.”

  • Banning flavours because they “might” be attractive to children.
    The ECTA rebuts that “Taste/smell is subjective”, and that “Youth (under 18 years of age) are already prohibited from purchasing these products.”

  • Bill S-5 Protects the interests of Tobacco Cigarettes over Vaping Products throughout the Bill
    The ECTA brings up the fact that “The inability to show, relay or discuss relative risk and comparatives can’t be seen as anything except protection of the interest of cigarettes.”

Source: http://ectaofcanada.com/summary-for-senate-bill-s-5-legal-assessment/

###How This Legislation Can Affect You and What You Can Do About It

Bill S-5 is targeted both at current vapers as well as sellers of e-cigarette products, although the implications, as they stand, are unclear. In addition to restrictions on vape flavour availability, vapers may also see a rise in the cost of e-cigarette devices, accessories, and e-liquid, since manufacturers and retailers will have to to modify most, if not all, of their products to meet legislative requirements. Future (potential) vapers are sure to be affected by the Bill, as the restrictions may keep them at the bay from ever even switching.

In order to prevent Bill S-5 from becoming active legislation, we as vapers must speak up about our rights. The most effective way to make a difference in our country’s legislation is to contact your local MP about your concerns as a citizen. You can find your local MP by providing your postal code here.