Uwell Crown 3 How to prevent/fix leaking issues


I have been using the Uwell Crown 3 tank for well over 5 months now and can say its one of the best tanks for flavour production that I’ve ever used. Personally I have had no issues with the tank at all and love it! I have however, encountered some who have had leaking issues with the Crown 3. Typically, the leaking is occurring from the bottom airflow vents/holes.

From personal experience as well as helping people with their Leaky Crown 3’s I have noticed a few things that can be done to try and prevent leaking issues.

  1. When changing/replacing a coil pay close attention to the red oring near the top of the coil and make sure it doesn’t slip off or shift position in any way when inserting the coil into the base/bottom of the chimney.

  2. When filling the tank make sure to clean any residual juice left on the top cap before screwing the mouthpiece cap back on.

  3. I found the Crown 3 produces a good amount of vapor and hence builds up a lot of condensation in the mouthpiece and chimney stem. Every 1-2 tank fills make sure to get some paper towel or tissue paper and clean any condensation build up in the mouth piece as well as in the chimney stem as if there is enough condensation build up, I feel that it drips down the chimney through the center of the coil and out the bottom where it then can leak out the airflow vent holes.

I hope this helps anyone that may be having leaking issues with their Crown 3. If anyone has any more tips or tricks to prevent leaking please feel free to comment.